Roman Antiquities

Gallo-Roman amphora
Item No. 1144
Gallo-Roman amphora

In terra cotta. Recovered from the floor of the Mediterranean Sea between 1960 and 1972.

50-200 AD.

24" high
Romanesque Double Cloister Capital
Item No. 1096
Romanesque Double Cloister Capital

In veined white marble, carved with foliage, having a face framed by hands at each of the four corners, the whole resting upon two large goat hooves; some wear. Southern France; 13th Century.

18½" high by 22" wide by 14½" deep
Pair of second-century style, limestone trapezophorum
Item No. 1083
Pair of second-century style, limestone trapezophorum

In solid, carved limestone depicting horned lions. Trapezophorum were used as pedestals and supports for tables and benches. 19th century, Rome.

19" high by 8" wide by 8½" deep
Important Roman statue ('acéphale de péplophore') of large dimensions
Item No. 1023
Important Roman statue ("acéphale de péplophore") of large dimensions

Sculpted in white marble. Second century A.D.

47½" tall by 21½" wide by 11" deep

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