Pocket CEU: Understanding Louis XIII, XIV, XV, and XVI Furniture

By John Kroger


Louis styles continue to play a role in designing North American interiors as these influential styles were created at a time that at once reflects who we are, and our political system. As American is mostly a product of Western European civilization, these Louis Styles still resonate and are important to us.

Today it may be more common to see a chair described as Louis XV "style," meaning it is not a true replica. However, it is less significant that these styles are modified to suit today's needs, than that they are still influencing design 400 years later.

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This CEU was created with the help and expertise of Dan Garfink, co-owner of French Accents Fine Continental Antiques in Baltimore MD. It was published in the July/August 2006 edition of Fine Furnishings International Magazine and is presented here with the permission of the publisher.